Efficient, reliable and independent measurement of gaseous emissions


A fully conditioned measuring environment guarantees a high reliability of the results and the repeatability of the measurements. External factors such as weather, rations and barn management cannot cause any disturbance. The lay-out of the measuring location, the measuring method and the measuring protocol have been tested extensively and have a sound scientific basis.


All measurements are executed according to a case/control method. This means that a barn floor submitted for research (Case) will always be measured simultaneously and under the same conditions as the reference floor (Control).


Due to a fully conditioned measuring environment and short lines of communication, we are able to execute several reliable Case-Control measurement within a week for you. In addition, we guarantee a quick and extensive scientifically sound report.


Meet ID is an independent enterprise which aims to contribute to quick and reliable measurement and certification of the emission reducing innovations in the livestock sector.

Meet ID

measurements of emission reducing innovations
Case/Control Measurement

Meet ID is a collaboration of three enterprises who each in their own way are active in the national and international livestock sector. This collaboration has led to a unique case/control measuring method of gaseous emissions. Read More

  • Efficient
  • Reliable
  • Scientific
  • Independent